How it Works

String Unity Overview

What is String Unity?

String Unity is a Unity SDK that enables Games to provide seamless, in-game fiat payments without sending the Player outside of your Game environment. Build a truly immersive Web3 Player experience with String Unity's cards integration.

When players choose to pay with their card, our SDK provides a real-time USD Quote for the transaction which can be displayed to the user through your own UI. The player simply enters their credit card information and purchases the digital asset without leaving the game. The String Unity SDK provides a PCI compliant payment experience so you can rest assured that your player's information is being handled responsibly.

The String Unity Experience

String Unity SDK is a "turnkey" payment solution for web3 assets. It determines the USD cost of a desired blockchain operation and executes it after receiving payment. It's pretty easy to integrate, even if you are relatively new to the Gaming or Web3 space.

  1. Log In or Create Account
  1. Retrieve a Quote
  1. Add Card Details
  1. Purchase

Implementation Checklist

  • Create an account in the Developer Dashboard
  • Create a Sandbox API key
  • Follow the Implementation Guide to use String in your game
  • Test. Test. Test.
  • Register your smart contract in the Developer Dashboard
  • Create a Production API key
  • Deploy your code to Production using your prod API key
  • Profit

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