General FAQs

How do I get paid when a user buys something with fiat?
Transactions made through the String Checkout product will be executed on-chain. For an NFT mint, for example, your smart contract will receive the tokens you specified beforehand, which can be withdrawn whenever convenient.

What happens if an on-chain transaction fails?
If a blockchain transaction were to fail, the user would be notified and given a chance to re-attempt the transaction. The user's credit/debit card will only be charged after the on-chain transaction has taken place.

What tokens are supported for on-chain settlements?
String can conduct transactions in any virtual currency so long that it is compatible with the blockchain where the transaction is based.

What blockchains are supported?
String is compatible with all major chains and will work with you to get our services on your chain of choice!

Can I offer tokens with the String Checkout product?
At the moment, String Checkout only supports NFT transactions. Check back soon for the ability to purchase tokens, including your game’s native currency. String plans to offer its partners liquidity services for their in-game currency, Contact our team to learn more.

Does the end-user need to complete any KYC?
Right now, String only processes card payments for NFT transactions. This means there is no KYC, the user only needs to verify their email.

How does String handle credit card PCI compliance?
String does not store or, directly handle sensitive card details.