Here you will find detailed explanations of the objects you may need to provide your own constructor arguments for, such as the TransactionRequest.

The TransactionRequest

The TransactionRequest is a payload which is received by our Backend API, and converted into an ExecutionRequest which contains a USD Quote. This ExecutionRequest takes in the players Payment Info and is sent back to the Backend for execution on the blockchain.

userAddressstringThe address (also known as the public key) of the players wallet. I.e. "0x44A4b9E2A69d86BA382a511f845CbF2E31286770"
assetNamestringThe name of the asset the player will purchase. This is used to track the transaction internally as well as in the receipt that is sent to the player. I.e. "String Test NFT"
chainIdintegerThe Chain ID of the network we are interacting with. I.e. 1 or 43114.
contractAddressstringThe address of the contract we wish to interact with. I.e. "0xea1ffe2cf6630a20e1ba397e95358daf362c8781"
contractFunctionstringThe function header we wish to invoke. I.e. "mintTo(address)" or "mintTo(address[])" or "mintTo(address,uint256"
contractReturnstringThe return type of the function we wish to invoke. I.e. "uint256" or "uint256[]" or ""
contractParametersstring[]An array of strings representing the parameters we are sending to the function header defined above. I.e. {"0x44A4b9E2A69d86BA382a511f845CbF2E31286770"} or {"0x44A4b9E2A69d86BA382a511f845CbF2E31286770", "3"} or {"0x44A4b9E2A69d86BA382a511f845CbF2E31286770", "3", "true"} or {$"{walletAddr},{walletAddr}"}
txValuestringThe quantity of the native token the invoked function will cost. Units are defined in eth, gwei, or wei. If the unit is omitted, the parameter will be interpreted in wei. I.e. "0.08 eth" or "80000000 gwei" or "80000000000000000 wei" or "80000000000000000"
gasLimitstringThe gas limit in wei that we wish to set for the desired function execution. I.e. "800000" or "500000"

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