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String is the premier payments suite built for Web3 gaming. Use String to seamlessly integrate fiat payments into your Web3 game. String is unique because our API-first approach gives you total control of the user journey while we handle payments behind the scenes.

Immerse players in your experience by enabling fiat on/off ramps, NFT purchases, and cross-chain payments directly within your game environment. Level-up your conversion and retention by providing all the features of an exchange within the context of your game.

String is built specifically for Web3 game developers. Our products enable configurable, customizable integrations to suit the unique needs of your player experience without compromising on Web3 technology. Our SDKs plug directly into your game's smart contracts to enable a variety of use cases and eliminate back-office financial headaches.

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We're here to help! View our General FAQs for answers to common questions, or you can always reach out directly to String support at [email protected].

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