How It Works

The best way to create an immersive Web3 browser game.

What is String Direct?

String Direct is a web SDK for browser-based games designed for developers who want to build their own payment UIs while String executes transactions behind the scenes. String direct eliminates widgets, pop-ups, and new tabs from your gaming experience so you can own the Player journey from end-to-end.

String Direct enables Games to build out the payments flow within the context of their enviornment.

String Direct enables Games to build out the payments flow within the context of their environment.

With String Direct you can allow Players to purchase digital assets with a credit or debit card, save payment details for future use, and log-in your users without any additional prompts to create the most seamless payment experience in Web3 gaming -- all with your design.

Build An Immersive Environment

String Direct supplies customizable, resizable PCI-compliant iframes that fit seamlessly in your design as payment fields. This allows Games to build out the frontend without having to handle sensitive card data. Otherwise, the frontend design is your show, we just handle all payments so you don't have to.

Use String Direct or String Unity to design your own frontend using embedded, secure payment fields.

String Direct's payment iframes can be sized, positioned, and customized to match your Game environment.

When Players choose to pay with their cards, simply take the following steps to execute a transaction through our SDK, which simplifies this process into just a few API calls:

  1. Log-in the Player
  2. Request a quote
  3. Submit payment details
  4. Execute the transaction.

After you log-in the Player, submit a transaction details payload to the SDK in order to request a quote. The SDK will return information to display to the Player including the asset subtotal, network fee (i.e. gas) and the processing fee in USD based on the information provided in the payload and current market prices.

The Player will enter their payment details in String's secure payment fields that you've embedded in your payment flow. Once the Player accepts a quote, your Game can execute a transaction. String will charge the Player's payment method and send them the Digital Asset.


Integrated Authentication

Browser-based Games that use custodial, smart contract, or some other form of in-game wallet are well-suited to leverage Integrated Authentication with String Direct to create a truly frictionless payment experience for Players.